Company Overview

MusiKube was established in 2001 by senior executives from across the Music and Technology Industries, and has rapidly grown to be a driving force in the development of music and media solutions helping to make the Connected Music World™ a reality.

The site was active through 2005. At some point after 2006 the domain expired. When I discovered the domain was available I bought it with the goal of rebuilding as much of the site with its 2003-2005 archived content. MusiKube goals were commendable. It received so much PR and buzz. From a historical perspective, I think this site's content should still be able to be found, so like the mythological phoenix, the site is once more live.

This may seem like a quirky endeavor, but my background is in website development and search engine optimization. The progressive company I work for helps companies with e-commerce websites develop a strategy for building out infrastructure that will rank well in Google searches. I am very excited about the new client I'm working on. I've been a Batman fan all my life, so working on a site that sells Batman t shirts and other clothing items is a dream come true. And the site - has an awesome name and the absolute best displays of all the competition. Who would have thought that I would be over the top for a website that sells Batman wearables? Doing this work I've really gotten to know the extensive reach of Batman across time, from the comic book days to the tv programs and amazing Hollywood movies. There's so much history around the Dark Knight and his minions - Batman t shirts have been seen everywhere - even seen them on the protesters in Hong Kong. I believe he's the superhero with the largest world wide following. And he's probably the most quotable superhero ever - check out these Batman quotes. Now we just have to get them some high ranks. Because I always am analyzing the way an e-commerce site has implemented a strategy to give their audience a great user experience, I wanted to understand why MusiKube allowed it's domain to expire. Did technology just advance? I'm still doing research on that, but in the mean time I wanted to recreate their site, as I said above, for historical purposes, particularly to those who rushed out to purchase one when MusiKubes hit the marketplace.

MusiKube believes that changes in the relationship between Consumers, Record Companies, Music Retailers and Wireless Carriers have only just begun, and a new media landscape is emerging. By providing access to music recognition, information, samples, recommendation tools and customer information, MusiKube allows the entire industry to maximize purchase intent by better supporting both planned and impulse purchases.

In this Connected Music World™, Record Companies, Music Retailers, Wireless Carriers and Consumers live in an information rich environment, supporting, informing and learning from each other's needs and tastes – all with the intent of converting as many consumer purchase opportunities as possible.

MusiKube is creating a new environment where Consumers, Retailers, Wireless Carriers and Content Owners can all live in a more Connected Music World™. We also provide services to Broadcasters, Performance Rights Organizations, and Rights Owners.


About MusiKube:

MusiKube is a leading developer of music recognition and discovery solutions. The company has developed a suite of mobile and web-based services that give consumers the tools to capture music that interests them wherever and whenever they come across it.


MusiKube's solutions include:

  • iCapture turns mobile phones into music capture and discovery devices by allowing consumers to identify a piece of music whenever they hear it.


iCapture™Mobile Music Identification System Service for Mobile Operators

Have you ever been listening to the radio and heard a song you really liked, but you didn't know the song title or artist? Have you ever been in a club and heard music that really added to the moment, but left the club not knowing what you had heard? Have you ever come across a music ad in a magazine, or seen a posted ad for an upcoming concert, and wished you could easily find out what the band sounded like or buy tickets?
The MMID Service on cell phones allows consumers to quickly and easily identify music that they are listening to, or come across in print, using their cell phone. The system also provides for a mobile portal that allows the customer to reference their music collection from any internet-accessible mobile device.

For music that is playing on the radio in the car, in a local bar, or at the gym, all the consumer has to do is dial a number and hold the phone near the music for about 15 seconds. The consumer will the receive a message to the phone with the song title, artist, and a sample of the song that can be listened to. MMID also enables the consumer to immediately purchase the song/album via their cellular phone.

For users who have a cell phone with a digital camera attached, they can use their phone to scan a barcode or unique symbol in a store, at home, in a magazine, or on the street. Users can then access music information, reviews and samples and order the CD to be delivered to their home.


Personal Music Guide (PMG) Service for Music Retailers

Have you ever entered a music retailer, frustrated by the inability to sample and explore music as you roam through the store? Have you ever relaxed in a coffee shop, wishing you could have your own personalized background music to complement the moment?
The PMG retail solution solves these problems.
MusiKube has designed custom portable kiosks that are wirelessly connected to our EncycloMedia™. These customized kiosks allow consumers to:

  • Freely roam the store and sample any CD by scanning 
    the barcode
  • Discover music through personalized recommendations and reviews
  • Maintain a personalized music library to help keep track of the music they like
  • Check their personal music history to remind themselves about previous visits
  • Search for products and check in-store product availability and pricing
  • Access related product information (such as concert tickets)
  • Receive targeted promotions based on their personal music profile

Customers who sign up for the PMG Service receive a personalized membership card, which allows them to log into the system. The system then remembers any user activity and allows future access to that information in the store or elsewhere via the web.


Media Track™ for Broadcasters

Services for Broadcasters, Performance Rights Organizations and Rights Owners.

The accurate tracking of broadcasted content has been recognized as a major issue for Broadcasters, Performance Rights Organizations and Rights Owners.
MusiKube has developed a solution called MediaTrack™, to address this problem. MediaTrack™ utilizes our patent-pending music fingerprinting technology, fPrint™, to provide the ability to automatically monitor media broadcasts. As automated reports of broadcasted media are generated by MediaTrack™, the rights reporting process can be made much more efficient and accurate.
A real time reporting system will enable Broadcasters to more flexibly alter content and playlists, and automatically generate reports to be distributed to Performance Rights Organizations. At the same time, MediaTrack™ can be utilized by Performance Rights Organizations to improve their auditing and reporting process. MediaTrack™ can also be used by Rights Owners to track and control the use of their assets across the internet, TV, radio, satellite and cell phones.


Musikube Press Releases

March 2004

Musikube Announces Partnership With Nextcode To Integrate Barcode Scanning With iCapture Music Service

Alanis Morissette To Perform At Launch Event.

Musikube Announces An Integrated Music Discovery Solution For Windows Mobile
February 2004

Musikube Announcrd Mobile Music Recognition And Discovery Solutions For Windows Mobile Software For Smartphones

Intel CEO Showcases MusiKube’S Music Recognition and Discovery Solutions at Intel Developer Forum Keynote

November 2003
It’s four in a row– MusiKube takes home top prize at mobile music conference.

October 2003
Musikube announces first multi-channel wireless music recognition and discovery solution.

MusiKube and Virgin Entertainment group to deploy wireless music kiosks in New York city megastore.

Musikube named best entertainment application in wireless competition.




In addition to its own management and technology team MusiKube has direct access to additional resources through its partnership network.

ePierce Solutions

ePierce Solutions is an advanced IT management consulting firm delivering successful business solutions to companies with highly complex enterprise environments. With a client list of Fortune 1000 clients, ePierce has a proven track record in the strategic planning, implementation and management of enterprise IT initiatives.
The ePierce team is comprised of former senior IT managers and Big 5 consultants who have unparalleled insight into the realities of the corporate IT environment. ePierce Solutions specializes in the management of complexities around the delivery and integration of emerging technologies, supporting IT organizations with the integration of new technologies and business applications into existing environments.       


Nextcode's staff has deep experience in developing barcode technologies. We have a unique understanding of how to create optimal code formats for mobile use. For ten years, our staff has been working on digital camera based methods to encode and decode data in barcodes and visual symbols.
Our staff has developed high performance digital camera based solutions to read commonly used barcode symbologies, such as UPC/EAN, Code 128, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR Codes, PDF 417 as well as others. We have worked closely with major imager, camera and camera phone manufacturers to create barcode-reading systems. As a result of this work, we have an extensive understanding of the key issues, challenges and requirements to deploy and read barcodes with mobile devices.          


Muze organizes and delivers entertainment product information to drive commerce, and serves retailers by helping their customers become informed, confident, motivated and passionate buyers.
Since 1991, Muze has been setting the pace for interactive entertainment commerce, having created the first in-store music information system. Now, Muze is the number one provider of online catalog information for entertainment product commerce.
In a world where entertainment choices are ever increasing, Muze’s depth and breadth of information and advanced multimedia technology help consumers discover the best music, books and videos.     


Over the last three decades, technology has transformed the way we work, play, and communicate. Today, we access information and people from around the world in an instant. Groundbreaking technologies have opened the door to innovations in every field of human endeavor, delivering new opportunity, convenience, and value to our lives.
Since its founding in 1975, Microsoft has been a leader in this transformation. As a reflection of that role—and to help us focus on the opportunities that lie ahead—we have established and embraced a new corporate mission. Microsoft's mission: To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential.


Intel believes in innovation. We're driven by it. We live by it. And it's this principle that led us to create the world's first microprocessor back in 1971.
Today, Intel is behind everything from the fastest processor in the world to the cables that power high-speed Internet. We keep innovating because it's in our blood. Because it's part of our heritage. And because the technology we invent today will shape the world's future.         


HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing. For the fiscal year ending on Oct. 31, 2003, HP revenue totaled $73.1 billion.